Getting Started

We are glad that you asked! Here are some of the many reasons that we think you should entrust us with your music education:

  • Our core values and mission help us focus in on assisting you to flourish both artistically and personally.
  • Our unique lesson package combining private and group lessons in order to give you the best of all worlds!
  • A wide array of resources (technological resources, sight-reading lending library, and more)!
  • We select our high-quality faculty carefully, ensuring that they are caring, relatable individuals who share our vision and our mission. All of our faculty are excellent musicians and experienced teachers who hold Masters and/or Doctorate degrees!
  • Top-notch facilities and instruments including spacious studios and waiting area. All piano lessons are taught on quality grand pianos!
  • Our goal is to provide a warm, nurturing environment so that you or your student will feel comfortable and confident. The personalized learning experience that we provide will help you to make rapid progress!
  • We conduct background checks on all employees because your child’s safety is our top priority.
  • Flexible and convenient scheduling and friendly customer service!

Check out our resources page and blog for some great links addressing this topic!

The activities in group lessons are integral to the students’ development as musicians. In group lessons we are able to put a particular emphasis on being engaged listeners, both while playing instruments and away from instruments. This gives us more time in private lessons to focus on playing skills (technique, repertoire, etc.) while applying concepts learned in group lessons.

Here are some examples of activities we do in group lessons, along with the specific skills that they foster:

Masterclass Performances

Playing for one-another and offering feedback gives students a chance to hone their performance skills, collaborative playing skills, and the ability to give empathetic and constructive feedback.

Music History and Musical Genres

Studying music history and musical genres helps students to develop listening skills. Students will gain an understanding of the larger story of music history. Listening to a wide variety of music of various periods and styles will help students to develop correct performance practice, and might even provide some inspiration for new study!

Applied Theory and Ear-Training

Studying applied theory and ear training helps students to develop important musicianship skills such as understanding key signatures, musical form, phrasing, harmonic analysis, etc. Studying ear training will help students to develop listening skills. These subjects work together to help students improve memorization skills, music reading, and expression. Also encompassed in applied theory and ear-training are improvisation and composition!

Round-Table Discussions on Practice and Other Musical Issues

Discussing the ins-and-outs of studying music as a group with their peers helps students to hone their practice skills and to motivate one-another. This also helps students to take ownership of their practice and study habits as individuals and as a group.

Music Games

Music games are a fun way to reinforce note-reading skills, rhythm skills, and musical term knowledge while building a sense of community among students.

We understand that committing to a whole year of lessons may seem daunting when you haven’t had lessons with us before. To ease any fears that you might have, we offer two options for our new students:

  1. When you enroll as a new student at Flourish Music Academy, you may quit at any time during the first three months of your study without having to pay the early termination fee.
  2. We offer a summer lesson package, giving you 6 lessons at flexible times throughout the summer with no further commitment.


Tuition for our annual package is based on the entire year of lessons, split into equal monthly payments August through July. You may have more or less than four lessons per calendar month, but by the end of the year, you will have had the total number of lessons in the package. We divide the annual lesson package into 12 monthly payments instead of lesson-by-lesson to keep things simple so you will know exactly how much you will be paying each month.

Our tuition package gives you access to our great teachers and resources through private lessons, group lessons, events, and more. Your tuition covers much more than just the contact hours you spend with your teacher. We work hard behind the scenes to make your time with your teacher the most valuable to you.

We calculate the price of tuition based upon what we need to pay our teachers a living wage, pay expenses and taxes, and end up with enough profit for the business to continue to exist and provide services. We do not inflate our prices so that we can make you feel like you are getting a “deal” with a discount. We just don’t overcharge you in the first place. We try to keep our expenses (and thus your tuition) as low as possible while still providing the best possible service to you.

So that you understand where your tuition goes, below is a non-exhaustive list of how the many hours are spent by our teachers and administrators who work hard to make your experience at Flourish possible:

  • Contact hours with students at private and group lessons
  • Lesson and curriculum planning
  • Organizing and running events
  • Researching and ordering materials
  • Studying student repertoire
  • Scheduling
  • Customer service and other communication
  • Record keeping
  • Invoicing/bookkeeping
  • Professional development, including pedagogical and performance training
  • Time invested in professional Music Teachers Associations

In addition to paying our hard-working teachers and administrators, your tuition also goes toward the expenses that we incur in order to provide you with the best musical experiences possible. Our expenses include:

  • Instruments, tuning, and maintenance
  • Facility and utilities
  • Insurance
  • Office supplies and printing
  • Computers, iPads, recording devices, and other technology
  • Music stands and other equipment
  • Sheet music library, sight-reading library
  • Materials for students
  • Facility rental for events, food, and other event expenses
  • MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) memberships for our teachers
  • Fees for MTNA events

Please keep in mind that music lessons are an investment in a lifetime of enrichment!

Talk with your teacher about A-la-Carte lessons!

All of your materials, including music books, are included in your materials deposit so that you will never have to worry about ordering and picking up books! Flourish Music Academy takes care of all of it – you just show up to lessons!

At the end of the year any money from your deposit not used to purchase materials for you will be returned to you as a tuition credit.

Cancellation Policy:

There are no guaranteed makeups and no refunds if you cancel a scheduled lesson. We cannot ask teachers to work during their personal family time if you miss your lesson time.

However, you do have a few options if you cannot make it to a lesson.

  • Give your lesson time to a friend

If your friend signs up for lessons with us, you both will receive a $25 tuition credit! Please let us know in advance if a friend will be attending the lesson instead of you.

  • Online Video Lesson (Skype or Facetime)

Ideal for cases when you have the time, but cannot make it to the studio, such as inclement weather, mild sickness, or you are out of town but have access to your instrument.

  • Sign up for an open lesson slot

Cancelled lessons will be converted into open lesson slots for other students. Teachers can also set open lesson slots during normal work hours when they are available. To claim an open lesson slot, you must first cancel attendance for your normal lesson on MyMusicStaff, then sign up for the open lesson slot. It is the student’s responsibility to find an open lesson slot and sign up for it; there are no guaranteed makeups.

You must cancel at least 72 hours before your lesson to be eligible for an open lesson slot. Remember, this system works best if every student cancels their lesson (and thus converts to an open slot for another student to sign up for) as far in advance as possible.

  • Attend separate group lesson

This is an option for making up missed group lessons. Please contact us to see if there is an open slot at another group lesson. In case a group lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather, students will be given the option to attend a separate group lesson.


If the teacher cannot attend a regular lesson and a substitute teacher cannot be found, the lesson will be made up at a mutually convenient time or a tuition credit will be issued.


We want music to be fun for your child too! We strive to make music lessons as engaging as possible. Your child will maximize his enjoyment of music by making significant progress and being able to play exciting, beautiful music. However, without consistent practice at home between lessons, progress will be stunted and your child will stop enjoying lessons. Also, remember that while lessons are fun, they are also incredibly beneficial in all areas of life. Studying music has been shown in numerous studies to have a higher impact on brain growth and development than even studying math! At Flourish, we personalize our lessons with engaging teachers, diverse musical experiences, exciting group lessons, and events so that we can help our students to become lifelong music lovers!

Don’t get discouraged – this will happen from time to time. Learning any new skill requires hard work, discipline, and focus. Studying music especially requires discipline and focus because students are learning new information and a new motor skill simultaneously. This is why music is so good for them! The act of learning to practice and persevere will serve your child well not just in music study, but in all of life! Be patient and encourage your child as he develops the discipline to practice. Use the tips in the parent handbook to make it as convenient and fun as possible. Talk with your child’s teacher about what else can be done to help motivate him.