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You will only find top-notch instructors at Flourish. Join our lesson program to work with a true professional and you will be closer than ever to achieving your musical goals!


We care about each student personally and meet you where you are at. The kind of music you love, the way you learn best… all this is used to make your learning plan as unique as you are.

Nurturing Love Of Music

Our teachers set you up for success so you can enjoy the learning process instead of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. We want students to leave lessons with a skip in their step and a smile on their faces!



Take all your music lessons in one place!

For students of all ages and any level, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

You CAN Grow into the Musician You Want to Be …

... All you need are the right strategies and know-how, plus a friendly face by your side to help keep you going. That’s what we are here for, to be with you every step of the way and to give you the expertise you need to keep growing.

We subscribe to the “growth mindset” philosophy - that you don’t have to be “talented” or naturally good to grow as a musician.

If you are willing to put in the effort, we can help you get there.

Will it always be easy? Maybe not. But the feeling of overcoming the challenges and being able to express yourself through beautiful music is infinitely rewarding!

And really that’s what we are all about at Flourish - empowering each student not only as a musician but also as a whole person, so you can flourish in both music and in life.

Experience why more and more students in the Greeley, CO area are choosing Flourish Music Academy

"Our son loves [Flourish Music Academy]. He loves coming home and practicing and looks forward to going back to his lessons and doing his recitals. Thank you Flourish for making this experience fun and educational” – Audriana

“Our first few weeks have transformed my 8 year old! She not only gets to grow in her love of music, but she is also now more focused on her school work and I have seen such a positive difference in her reading and handwriting.” – Cheri


Teachers who care about your child + a lesson program designed to grow well-rounded musicians while instilling a true passion for music in each student.


A lesson program designed specifically to meet the needs of adult learners, including patient, caring teachers who give you the expert guidance you need to realize your musical dreams!


Convenient daytime slots for the whole family plus everything in our K-12 program, customized to meet your music learning goals.


Extra Music Enrichment Opportunities

Our enrichment programs allow kids and teens to make huge gains in their musical progress and/or explore specialized areas of interest (musical theater, songwriting, playing together in small ensembles etc) with other kids who love music - making it even more enjoyable and exciting!

Are you worried about music lessons that:

  • Waste your money because they don’t actually help you make progress?
  • Are so inflexible that your personal needs and goals are ignored?
  • Are so serious that they will actually destroy your (or your child’s)love for music?

At Flourish Music Academy, we know you want to have the skills to enjoy making music in the way you dream of - jamming with friends, playing for your own personal enjoyment, at church or even perhaps a career in music.  

To do that, you need professional guidance that is customized to your learning goals and will keep you motivated and inspired. The problem is that finding a great teacher can be very difficult, and choosing one whom you can trust feels super overwhelming.  

We understand how stressful that is and believe no one should be held back from their dreams because you don’t know where to find that great teacher.

That’s why at Flourish we find the great teachers for you. In addition to hiring only the best teachers, we spent years designing a lesson program that helps you achieve your unique goals and keep you inspired along with the way.

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