Why Flourish?

We help you grow into the musician you want to be!

Our Professional Music Lesson Promise

Don’t get stuck with a hobby teacher who can’t help you reach your goals. This is not a side hustle for us; it is what we do! Our professional music expertise will help you achieve your musical goals sooner.

  • All our highly qualified teachers have extensive formal training (most have Graduate degrees in music) plus professional playing and teaching experience. We quickly identify what is holding you back and give you the strategies you need to overcome it. 
  • We crafted Flourish’s comprehensive lesson program based on our decades of combined teaching experience, to nurture your love for music AND help you reach your goals faster. You get more than just a weekly lesson at Flourish, including: 
    • Frequent & fun performance events and dress rehearsal lessons. Because we teach our students how to perform by giving them lots of opportunities to practice this skill, our students gain confidence in performing and don’t dread recitals.
    • The Flourish Achievement Program. Our unique program allows students to track their progress, celebrate their achievements, and stay motivated. It also ensures every student is transformed into a well-rounded musician, so you will have the skills to enjoy making music in a variety of contexts.
    • Online theory and ear-training games, which make learning theory feel like a computer game instead of homework.
    • Our annual practice challenge, where students get the chance to build good practice habits while earning awards and having fun.
    • Our unique adult student events such as the Performance Soirees, where  adult learners grow together and share their love for music.
    • And much more!
  • Flourish students can participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations – This is a traditional and formal way to measure their progress from an objective perspective. Only the best students in the country participate. Students receive extra recognition for their  achievements!

Your Personalized Music Instruction

Do you feel invisible inside a cookie cutter system? Don’t get stuck with a teacher tied to their own agenda. To us, every student is unique and deserves a learning plan tailored specifically to them. We care about what you need and want.

  • At your first lesson we start by getting to know you and carefully evaluating where you are. Then together we craft a customized learning plan based on your goals and abilities. 
  • Because we focus on building a personal relationship with you, our teachers give you feedback and encouragement tailored to you. This is not some video or computer spouting off information, but thoughtful instruction to help you where you need it.
  • Students always have a say in what kind of music they want to study. Whether you want to learn classical, jazz, hymns, pop, musical theater, or your favorite Disney movie themes, we can work it into your lesson plan!
  • Youth: We communicate regularly with parents, including sending bi-monthly progress reports. We find great communication between parents and teachers is vital for a student’s growth.
  • Adults: We have a distinct program for our adult students that caters to your needs as an adult learner, including adult only events and fully customized lesson plans based on what you want out of your lessons.

Nurturing the Love of Music in Every Student

Are you worried that lessons will actually discourage your child’s (or your) love of music? Do you have a memory of a teacher who rapped your knuckles with a stick when you made a mistake? That’s not us! 

At Flourish, we create a stress-free experience so you can work at whatever pace fits you, allowing you to enjoy the process even more!

  • Students love coming to lessons with our friendly and encouraging atmosphere.  Both students and parents tell us how we make them feel like family. 
  • We show students exactly how to practice at home so they don’t go home overwhelmed and frustrated. In fact, our longer lessons allow students to learn more in the lesson before they go home so practicing can feel even easier!
  • We set students up for success through careful selection of songs that are both motivating and achievable.
  • Traditional music lessons turn learning an instrument into a solitary endeavor. Our emphasis on community provides a natural support system for students.
  • We offer opportunities for diverse musical experiences, like writing your own songs, or playing music with friends in a small ensemble. Most other teachers or schools won’t take the time to offer these opportunities, but we have found how valuable they are to inspire creativity and excitement in our students.
  • We are honored by how many students tell us how much they have grown in confidence from lessons at Flourish. This is what we are all about – empowering you to flourish both in music and in life!

Convenient for parents and students of all ages

  • We are Greeley’s only multi-instrument school! With 6 different teaching rooms and instructors for piano, voice, guitar, violin, cello, ukulele, mandolin, bass guitar or viola. You or the whole family can get all your music lessons in one location.
  • Less drop-offs and pick–ups; We work with families with multiple kids (or multiple instruments for one student) on scheduling so you can get lessons back-to-back or at the same time.
  • Unlimited makeup credits! We understand that things happen and you might not be able to make a lesson.  We strive to make it easy for you to get all your lessons, especially with our easy-to-use online scheduling app.
  • Our office staff is ready to talk and help you with anything you need.
  • Automated tuition payments so you never have to worry about bringing in a check.
  • Convenient location in central Greeley, right next to King Sooper’s and other shopping/restaurants, as well as Sanborn Park.

It’s easy to get started.

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