Composition Festival 2023!

On Saturday, February 11th, we held our annual Composition Festival. Each year, Flourish students have the opportunity to work with their teachers on original compositions. By writing their own songs, students develop and express their creativity, improve reading skills, and improve understanding of theory. In addition, students receive personalized written feedback from our Guest Composer. … Continue reading “Composition Festival 2023!”

Student Spotlight – Mick McCaskill

This month, we’re excited to feature Piano student Mick McCaskill! Mick is a student of Ms. Julie and here is what she had to say about Mick: “He performed memorized piano solos for both of his school’s choir concerts last semester, as well as a duet with the choir teacher. We’ve worked a lot on … Continue reading “Student Spotlight – Mick McCaskill”

Board Game Party!

Board Game Party! Our K-12 students who completed 6 out of 9 weeks of Tonic Tutor lessons during our Fall 2022 Tonic Tutor challenge celebrated with a Board Game Party on January 15th at Greeley’s own board game parlor The Boomer House. We reserved several rooms for the students to play board games in and … Continue reading “Board Game Party!”


This month, we’re excited to feature Cello student Linda Shockley! Linda is one of our adult students and she studies cello with Ms. Athita Kuankacorn. Here is what Ms. Athita had to say about Linda: “Linda is an enthusiastic and dedicated cellist! This year, she has learned more advanced cello techniques and repertoires, making significant … Continue reading “STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – Linda Shockley”

2022 Holiday Recital and Soirée

Holiday Recital 2022! We celebrated our Holiday Recital, A Charlie Brown Christmas, with many festive performances. We had our students, from voice to piano to cello, come prepared and excited to play! We had a large and supportive audience here to cheer our performers on. The teachers even got a chance to play and give … Continue reading “2022 Holiday Recital and Soirée”


This month, we’re excited to feature piano student Isabelle Law! Isabelle attends Christa McAuliffe Stem Academy and is in the fourth grade. She studies with Ms. Nicole Harwell in Accelerated Piano Lab and has just finished Level Prep B and moved up to Level 1. Here is what Ms. Nicole had to say about Isabelle: … Continue reading “STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – Isabelle Law”


This month, we’re excited to feature piano student Allison Guzman! Allison attends University School and is in the sixth grade. She studies with Ms. Grace Ann and here is what she had to say about Allison: “Allison has been invited to perform in the Celebration of Excellence Recital in Salt Lake City Utah in December … Continue reading “STUDENT SPOTLIGHT- Allison Guzman”

Fall Festival 2022

Fall Festival 2022 We had a Spooktacular time listening to so many spooky and marvelously played music at our Fall Festival! Lots of our students enjoyed wearing their costumes from Mary Poppins to Hedwig! After such a great accomplishment, we were able to celebrate with face painting and cookies! We can’t wait to celebrate all … Continue reading “Fall Festival 2022”


This month, we’re excited to feature piano student Halie Merson! Halie is homeschooled and is a Sophomore in High School. She is currently at a Level 2 in the Achievement Program and is about to Level up to 3! She studies with Ms. Yuan Li. Here’s what Ms. Yuan had to say about Halie: “Super … Continue reading “STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – Halie Merson”

Summer Jam and Adult Soirée Recitals

Summer Jam Performances at Garden Theatre! We held our K-12 Summer Jam on August 6th at the Garden Theatre at UNC. It was a wonderful location to hold an unconventional recital. We had students line up in the front and come to the stage to perform piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, and even some singing! The … Continue reading “Summer Jam and Adult Soirée Recitals”