Benefits of Music Lessons for Children

There are SO many benefits that music will give your kids! And the evidence is not just anecdotal… there are lots of scientists right now researching the HUGE benefits that music gives kids.

Here are just 37 of the benefits. 😉

Science shows how music can:

Bolster Brain Power and Academic Performance

1. Speed the development of speech and reading skills
2. Increase reading comprehension
3. Stronger neural connections
4. Better information processing
5. Higher IQ
6. Improve working memory
7. More likely to win award for academic performance
8. Better school attendance
9. Learn words faster, develop richer vocabulary
10. Learn to read sooner
11. Speed development of abstract thought required for math and other subjects
12. Larger frontal lobes (in charge of abstract thought, planning and complex behaviors)
13. More engaged and motivated in studies
14. Higher executive function (planning, strategizing and attention to detail)
15. Increased connection between the right and left sides of the brain

Build 21st Century Life Skills

16. Increase self-confidence
17. Increase attention span
18. Increase focus for sustained periods
19. Increase self-discipline and grit
20. Increase creativity
21. Develop courage and ability to perform in front of groups of people
22. Develop understanding of rewards of focused effort
23. Solve problems more creatively and effectively in academic, work and social settings
24. Ability to set short and long term goals, as well as work towards them over time

Increase Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills

25. Increase empathy for others
26. Increase emotional resilience
27. Increase emotional connection with other people
28. Can better collaborate and co-operate with other people
29. More likely to help someone in need
30. Increase sense of belonging

Provide Physical and Health Benefits

31. Better motor coordination, both large motor and fine motor
32. Positive stress-relief
33. Improve cognitive function as we age
34. Delays onset of dementia
35. Can help treat neurological disorders, such as stuttering, autism and Parkinson’s disease
36. Can compensate for hearing loss in adults

If you would like to read more about the scientific studies researching the benefits of music training, click HERE


But I mentioned #37 benefits – where is the last one?
This is the most obvious and yet somehow often overlooked benefit of music in a child’s life…

The number one benefit of music training is … the HAPPINESS that comes from playing music!

It looks like this:

Kids start out by loving music. As they work to learn how to play or sing, they receive the intrinsically motivating reward of being able to perform songs they love. They also gain the burst of pride that comes with accomplishing something difficult, which builds their confidence and determination. This gives them the motivation to continue working on challenges that require focused attention and effort. By putting in this focused work, they expand their skill set which allows them to experience the joy of playing MORE songs they love.

And on it goes, in a happy cycle! And while kids think they are just having great fun playing music, they are getting all these other brain, academic, emotional and life benefits on top of it!


Studies show that quality of the music education matters too – your child will gain more of the benefits with high-quality musical training.


Our mission at Flourish Music Academy is to provide the highest quality music education in a warm, friendly setting so that our students can flourish in both music and life!


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Read some stories of the many kids already gaining these benefits at Flourish Music Academy!


Saryn – violin student who improved her academics dramatically after starting violin lessons

Our first few weeks have transformed my 8 year old! She not only gets to grow in her love of music, but she is also now more focused on her school work and I have seen such a positive difference in her reading and handwriting. The one on one lessons allow her to focus on what she loves the most right now…violin! – Cheri, parent


Trinity – piano student who gained the confidence to perform for a regional winner’s recital in Salt Lake City with the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music – just one year after starting lessons and being too shy to perform at all!
Flourish has been so wonderful for our daughter. The supportive instructors and school events have given her the confidence to push past her shy nature. Her love of piano is blossoming now. Such a wonderful school in every way! – Tenaya, parent


Eli – guitar student who now uses his guitar skills to play and jam with friends, even teaches them what he is learning!
Flourish offers a great variety of music lessons and the instructors are amazing with children! We have 3 boys taking piano and guitar here and we are so blessed to have found the Academy. I recommend Flourish to anyone who asks about music lessons! – Lisa, parent


Eduardo – piano and voice student who can now perform for large crowds and was chosen as a soloist for a Greeley Chamber Orchestra concert

My son loves Flourish. I love seeing how he is learning and enjoying it. – Delia, parent


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