Ensemble Camp Registration

Have fun with music and friends at Flourish’s Ensemble Camp this summer!

Ensemble camp includes group activities to learn the techniques of ensemble playing, plus masterclass style coaching for students to work on their particular pieces with their group. Students will also have time to rehearse their pieces in camp; no rehearsal outside of camp is necessary.

Students MUST be enrolled in summer lessons at Flourish Music Academy to participate in Ensemble Camp. (This is because our teachers will work with you over summer lessons to help you learn your part before the first day of Ensemble Camp)

Deadline to register is May 23.


Ensemble Camp registration

  • Please select ALL the times student is available on the days Monday July 29 -Thursday August 1. We will partner students based on best pairings for age/ability plus what times they are available. So, the more times your student is available, the better Flourish is able to make the best student pairings.
  • The Flourish faculty will try to put your student with the most appropriate partners (age and level-wise) and select the piece they will work on. Is there a certain student you want to be partnered with for ensemble groups? Certain musical styles you would love to play? Anything else the teachers should know?
  • Commitments Required

    These commitments are required so all participants will have the best experience possible and no students will be left stranded without a partner. Please consider carefully if you can make these commitments before registering for ensemble camp.

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