Composition Festival 2022

Tuesday March 8, 2022

On Saturday, February 19, we held our annual Composition Festival.

Each year, Flourish students have the opportunity to work with their teachers on original compositions. By writing their own songs, students develop and express their creativity, improve reading skills, and improve understanding of theory. In addition, students receive personalized written feedback from our Guest Composer.

This year’s Guest Composer was Dr. Joshua Nichols, a professional composer, professor of music, and organist. He writes music for both large and small ensembles, and film and television. His recent work Hansel und Gretel was premiered at the University of Arizona Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Chad Nicholson.

A total of 19 Flourish students submitted compositions this year! When you walk through Flourish, you can see each of these compositions displayed on the wall (pictured left). Student performances premiered on YouTube in a compilation video. Watch the video below to hear their compositions!

Congratulations, students! We’re so proud of your hard work.