Flourish Achievement Program launching today!

Monday September 18, 2017

Have you ever watched a tree grow every day?

Probably not. That would be pretty silly. We all knows it takes YEARS for a tree to grow!

Staring at it every day may make you feel like it’s NOT. GOING. ANYWHERE.

The reality is that, however, that tree is growing every day! But unless you are out there measuring its progress, it is hard to tell that it really is getting taller.


Music study is a lot like a tree growing. A tree takes time to reach maturity, but when it does it has deep roots, a thick trunk, fresh green canopy and is not easily blown over.


Music is something that students will take with them the rest of their lives, just like that tree grown to maturity.


Our musical journey also takes time, and without measuring the daily/weekly/monthly progress, it can be easy to get discouraged.


Introducing the Flourish Achievement Program!

The Flourish Achievement Program is designed to measure student progress and celebrate their achievements as they make their way on their musical journey. 


Students will be placed in a level according to their theory, technique and repertoire level. Each level has a color attached to it (kinda like karate belts!) They then earn points in that level until they have racked up enough points to earn that color belt and move on to the next level.


Every achievement will be recorded and celebrated to help inspire and motivate students to continue working towards the next achievement! Plus achievements will be made visible on our student board and through tangible awards each student can earn as they complete levels or other milestones.


And to top it all off, each student will receive a Flourish t-shirt in the color of their level!