Monday February 12, 2024



As the Holiday Season falls behind us, we remember when the students of Flourish Music Academy captured the spirit of the holidays with its enchanting 2023 Holiday Recital!

The space in St. Patrick Presbyterian echoed with the sound of music as students, teachers, and families gathered to celebrate the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. From festive teacher duets to the exciting selection of performance order from a Santa hat, the morning and afternoon were a magical symphony of talent and camaraderie.

One of the unique highlights of Flourish Music Academy’s Holiday Recital was the delightful tradition of letting students pick the order of their performances from a Santa hat. This added an element of surprise and excitement, as each performer eagerly awaited their turn to shine. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation, and the randomness of the selection process added a touch of spontaneity to the evening, making it all the more memorable for both performers and the audience.


The Holiday Recital ended with an awards ceremony that celebrated the achievements and progress of the students over the past half year, and everyone enjoyed a delightful spread of yummy treats. We hope the day was a cherished memory for everyone involved.