Jumpstart Camp FAQs

What is Jumpstart Camp?

Jumpstart is our #1 recommended way to start learning an instrument.


It’s a hands-on 4 day camp, 2 hours each day, for beginners. There are separate camps for piano, guitar, violin or cello.

There is a MAX of 4 students per camp.


During camp, you will learn the basics of your instrument in an exciting and fun way, making new friends along the way.The teacher mixes group learning, activities and games with individual practice time and coaching to make sure you have really mastered each skill/song.


We end the camp with a short parent recital so kids can show off all they have learned during the week. Students are  playing songs that might have taken up to 2 months in normal lessons to learn… Kids get really excited about the BIG GAINS they see in such a short amount of time at Flourish Jumpstart Camp!

New friends who started in our older beginner piano Jumpstart camp and went on to take lessons together in our Accelerated program!

Why should my child start with a Jumpstart Camp instead of just starting lessons?

We have found that students who start studying music by attending a Jumpstart camp do better in long-term lessons; they progress quicker and stay more motivated overall. We think it is because of how they start lessons with a bunch of real-time skills as well as the boost in confidence and motivation they get at Jumpstart camp.

Jumpstart is limited to only 4 participants per camp so don’t wait to register!

Violin Jumpstart camp!

I am not sure if my child actually will like to play this particular instrument…

All the more reason to attend Jumpstart camp! There is no long-term commitment involved, so it is a great way to test out whether they will truly enjoy playing that instrument or not.


Who should attend Jumpstart?

Here is a short list:

Jumpstart is for beginners at that particular instrument. Each camp has a specific age range that the instruction is tailored for.

A piano student’s drawing of her teacher and camp-mates!

What have other parents said?

We are glad you asked! Here is the feedback from just one Jumpstart piano camp in 2019 (from an anonymous questionnaire):

  1. What was the biggest benefit you gained from camp this week?
  1. Would you have changed anything? If so, what?
  1. What would you tell other students considering camp?

Do I need to bring my own instrument?

Yes, for Violin or Cello Jumpstart. If you don’t have an instrument, we recommend Music Depot here in Greeley to buy or rent.

No need to bring an instrument for Piano or Guitar Jumpstart, we provide instruments for those.

What is the cost for Jumpstart Camp?

Cost: $230 (includes your own beginner music book to keep)

Discounted to $200 if you are also enrolled in summer lessons at Flourish (or if you sign up for lessons after Jumpstart camp)



Location: Flourish Music Academy


July 6 – 9 10am – 12pm Ages 6 – 9 Register by June 22


July 6 – 9 10am – 12pm Ages 9 – 14 Register by June 22


June 1 – 4 1 – 3 pm   Ages 7-12  Register by May 18


June 1 – 4  10am – 12pm   Ages 7-12  Register by May 18


Registration ends two weeks before the start date of camp OR when the camp fills up (at only 4 participants!!) Register today so you don’t lose your spot!


A mini-recital at the end of Guitar Jumpstart camp.


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