Andres Meza

Instructor of Guitar, Ukulele and Bass Guitar

My Background: Music has always been a family tradition for generations, my mother was a guitarist and many of her siblings were instrumentalists as well. As a child I would regularly get myself into trouble for using her guitar without her permission. I started playing guitar in 2008, and I have taught guitar and ukulele since 2017. I have played in a few bands, solo projects, and as an accompanist. I feel a diverse background is a great way to grow as a musician. My current focus is finishing my B.M. in classical guitar performance at UNC Greeley in 2021.


What I love about teaching: What I adore about music is that there is always more to discover. I love delving into new areas of music. My enthusiasm for music is only matched by the enjoyment I get when I get to see my students’ hard work pay off. Seeing a student grasp a previously hard concept or perform a piece they have spent so much time and effort working on is a wonderful experience. The evolution of students as they learn and progress is one of my favorite things to witness as a teacher.


One way I help my students succeed and flourish: I am proud of my self taught roots which has given me insight to the struggles of many beginner guitarists and those who are self taught as well. My academic education has given me the knowledge, experience, and tools to much more efficiently teach as well as perform. I love working with students, catering lessons to their specific goals. Whether it is the student leading the way or me guiding them I work on bringing out a student’s strengths and help them further develop areas that may need some improvement. In music I am happy to stand right beside the student as we both continue to learn more and progress as musicians. 


Performance Experience: I have performed as a solo act performing my own original works locally as well as performing with my uncle in a family band performing tejano, cumbias, and some classic rock. I have performed at fundraisers, academic functions, I have also worked as an accompanist while attending Aims Community College here in Greeley. Being enrolled at UNC has also afforded me the privilege to perform in multiple professional settings with my guitar ensemble as well as working with peers to help them bring to life their own original works in both performance and in the studio. I have also had experiences recording, mixing, and mastering music in a professional studio which was an incredible and fun experience that I continue to use when creating and recording my own music.



Hometown: Greeley, CO 

My Musical Influences: Led Zeppelin, Incubus, Leo Brouwer, Eric Satie, The Temptations, Thelonius Monk just about anything! 

Favorite hobby or activity when not teaching or playing music: I am a bookworm and a big fan of anything that involves nerdom and fishing/the outdoors. 

Favorite food: Anything related to barbecue/grilling and I am a happy camper!


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