Ivory Masching

Instructor of Violin, Viola and Cello

My Background: Believe it or not, piano was my first instrument! I started taking lessons in second grade (age 7), but following my brother’s footsteps, I picked up the viola two years later and have been playing ever since. I got my undergraduate degree in viola performance from the University of Northern Colorado. Nearing the end of high school, I started taking cello lessons and continued to do so through college. I am going to pursue my master’s in cello performance starting fall 2022.


What I love about teachingTeaching has always been something I enjoy, and I have specifically taught music since 2018. I love the look on students faces when they finally understand a concept, or when they are excited and can see the progress that they have made. Also, there is so much I learn about music from students, be it from diving into different musical genres, or easier ways to relate to certain concepts.


One way I help my students succeed and flourish: I think it is important for students to learn how to practice on their own. I am just there to help guide them and correct them where they need it, but I try to equip them with practice skills so they can feel like they are actually accomplishing something at home. This leads to more motivation to practice which is very important.


Performance Experience: During my undergrad degree, I had the opportunity to perform a viola solo in the University of Northern Colorado Open Spaces event. I also have played a lot of chamber music in different groups as well as Bach Suites, concertos and other contemporary pieces for recitals.



Hometown:Colorado Springs, CO

My Musical Influences: Arvo Pärt, Bach, Caroline Shaw

Favorite hobby or activity when not teaching or playing music: learning languages

Favorite food: pineapple pizza


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