Jessie Howard

Student Success Manager

My Background: I started playing guitar in an after-school program when I was 9 years old and took a few spurts of lessons over the years. It wasn’t until I was in High school that I really fell in love with playing music, and I was gifted my first electric guitar. Over the course of a few years, I picked up guitar, bass guitar, and the ability to play a few notes on my old Casio 49-key keyboard. 

I haven’t played music in a very long time, but I now get to enjoy watching my kids pick up instruments, like piano. I have two daughters and they love to steal my old guitars and my newer ukulele, and it’s great watching them find joy in music-making like I did all those years ago.


What I love about musicMusic is truly a glue that can bind people together across all ages and backgrounds, and there is really nothing else that can consistently create that coming together feeling. I love watching musicians challenge themselves and grow in their craft, from beginners in the music room to professional musicians on stage. There is just something magical about music. 


One way I help students succeed and flourish: As a parent, I know there are many barriers that can come up in helping kids pursue their musical interests, and I aim to help eliminate as many of those barriers as possible. I love stretching my creativity and finding new resources to help students succeed in their art, as well as helping identify new types of music/musicians that may spur their interest or creative juices.


Performance Experience: From 2007 to 2009 I was in the Paul Green School of Rock Music (now the School of Rock) in Austin, TX. I had the opportunity to play cover music alongside kids of all ages, as well as some amazing musicians, such as Napoleon Murphy Brock of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention. We played at all different music venues in Downtown Austin as well as at special events around the city. It was a truly incredible experience.



Hometown: Austin, TX

My Favorite Musicians: Led Zeppelin, Garbage, Metric, Yes, King Crimson, Pentatonix, Rising Appalachia…the list goes on and on. I love classic and progressive rock, thrash metal, and folk music….and most anything to hit a Broadway stage in the last 3 decades.

Favorite hobby: Reading and gardening are definitely my two favorite activities outside of homeschooling my kids!

Favorite food: Anything seafood or Macaroni & Cheese


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