Scott Kwiatek

Instructor of Voice, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Piano

My Background: Playing music is how my family bonded over years! My father and older siblings put a bass in my hand at 10 years old and I joined the family band. With piano, bass, drums, and guitar all in the house, I began learning all 4 instruments at a young age. Professionally, I pursued upright bass for a Jazz/Classical degree at the Eastman School of Music and Master’s studies at Manhattan School’s Jazz Program. I began performing professionally at 16 and teaching at 18 years old. I taught as an adjunct professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and have maintained a private studio of all ages. I perform most commonly now for large private event companies, often simultaneously bandleading, lead singing, and functioning as a sound engineer, guitarist, or bassist. Soon you’ll find me more at public jazz and modern music venues around the Front Range.


What I love about teaching:Teaching takes me back to my humble beginnings. It reconnects me with the beauty of musical personal discovery and how inspiring it is when a young musician composes their first song. I enjoy learning the best ways a particular student grows and understands music. From stage presence to quarter notes, it’s all a joy for me to work on.


One way I help my students succeed and Flourish: My philosophy is all about individualizing teaching techniques to each student. Everyone learns differently and becoming comfortable with music requires finding the right approach for you. Some students learn best by ear and others by page etc. While there are of course technique items that must be discussed, I try my best to cater my teaching specific to each student.


Performance Experience: Performing for me professionally began at 16 with local blues, pop, and jazz bands. My high school Madrigal Choir and Jazz Band toured Europe and both groups were fantastic learning opportunities. During my time at Eastman, I performed in amazing orchestras and big bands. In NYC, I was able to perform with professors at Smoke Jazz club and others before Covid. Now I function commonly as a supporting musician and lead musician/vocalist for many different genres.


Hometown: Scranton, PA
My Musical Influences: Punch Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Cole Porter, Lizzy McApline, Debussy
Favorite hobby or activity when not teaching or playing music: Snowboarding and mountain biking
Favorite food: Bagels

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