Our Best Discount Ever

Friday March 6, 2020

We are celebrating our new location with our March Special:

25% off tuition for the first 4 months (which equals one free month of lessons!) 

Discount is eligible for students (age 8 – 18, beginner to intermediate level) who register for select 60 min Accelerated lesson times in Guitar or Piano.

Schedule an intro lesson today to see if you will be accepted into the Accelerated lesson program!

Lesson times that qualify for the discount:


Monday 3:45pm

Monday 4:45pm

Wednesday 5:45 pm


Tuesday 4:45pm

Tuesday 5:45pm

Thursday 4:45pm

Thursday 5:45pm

How can you take advantage of our best discount ever?

  1. Contact us and Schedule your intro lesson (make sure the intro lesson is on or before March 31, 2020)
  2. One of our teachers will evaluate you at your intro lesson to see if you are ready for the Accelerated Program
  3. If accepted, register through the link provided at your intro lesson
  4. Start learning how to play piano or guitar!!!

Want to learn more about our unique Accelerated program, or other aspects of our lesson program here at Flourish?

Feel free to call us at 970-573-5856 or contact us through the online form.