Part-time String Faculty

Part-time String Faculty position is open, as of May 2024


Job Description

Flourish Mission and Core Values

Faculty members are Flourish’s greatest assets; without a great faculty team, we cannot accomplish Flourish’s mission. Faculty are an active part of the team, always striving to grow and learn as a teacher. Our faculty take ownership of the success of individual students and the school in general.

The part-time String Faculty position is for teaching violin and viola from beginner to advanced levels, and possibly cello at beginner, intermediate and/or advanced levels. Ages of students range from 5 – 95.



  1. Make a Difference in the Lives of Students
    • Growth-minded working environment, nurturing the love of music in students, while also holding high standards
    • High quality of students to work with
    • High retention rate of students
    • Student-centered educational environment, top notch facility and instruments to work with

From our teachers: “Environment very much striving towards excellence. Professional but still fun.”

“I love that the owner is a musician and music teacher. I think it is important for the person running the school to understand the teacher’s perspective, to have the best interest of the student in mind. Environment feels more educational.”

“It doesn’t feel like a puppy mill, churn and burn, trying ot get students in and out”


  1. Work with a Great Team of Colleagues
    • Mission-driven focus attracts staff and faculty who also want to make a difference in the lives of students
    • Team is professional, highly trained and skilled as teachers
    • Team is also supportive, friendly, non-pretentious
    • We work to grow together as teachers, to learn from each other

From our teachers: “ Everyone is very friendly, open. One of the biggest worries I have seen in higher education in music – people can get pretentious. It’s not like that here.”

“I love the camaraderie with other teachers.”

“Very supportive and responsive team.”


  1. Structure to help students excel but also Autonomy as a Teacher
    • Flourish is the Northern Colorado RCM exam venue – opportunities for students to take rigorous RCM exam
    • Structured learning with our unique Achievement Program for students to work through
    • Multiple performance opportunities and diverse learning experiences for students, organized by administrative staff
    • Flexibility for teachers to utilize these tools, but also to customize lessons and curriculum to what that individual student needs

From our teachers: “Flourish is structured in a way that makes the job easier.”

“I love that there is structure, but not so much that it stifles my creativity as a teacher.”

“Give us a lot of freedom in teaching.”

“I feel we hold high standards for our students, such as the Achievement Program and RCM requirements. It has helped me push my students more, because it gives me guidelines and specific skills to work on that I might not have thought of on my own.”


  1. Earn a Living Wage as a Music Teacher
    • Competitive pay-rates. Starting payscale is $26 – $32/hour depending on experience, degrees and other qualifications
    • Raises on a regular schedule
    • Flexible hours to work with your schedule
    • Your time is valued, and every hour you put in (even meetings etc.) are paid.
    • Office takes care of all billing, marketing, scheduling etc. You get to do what you love (teach music) without having to worry about asking a student to pay their bill!

From our teachers: “Great pay-rate and after hours benefits.”

“My time is really valued. Everything the office staff does that I would have to do – not having to deal with billing, scheduling, enrolling new students.”

“Flexibility to work with the schedule I have.”


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Teach assigned students in violin, viola and/or cello in private lessons
    • Personalize lesson goals and teaching style to each student
    • Create a caring and encouraging environment
    • Exhort each student to his personal best through achievement-based accolades
    • Train students how to practice during lessons and send students home with as detailed practice assignments as necessary and any other resources
    • Assign and oversee technology lab activities according to the needs of the student
    • Encourage parent involvement through relationship building and clearly communicating the parent’s role
    • Write bi-monthly progress reports to communicate with parent
    • Order new materials as necessary
    • Help develop the habits of Flourish culture (see Flourish Core Values) in each student
  2. Attend and help manage events
    • Regularly attend events in which your students are performing
    • Chat with parents as possible, praising the student for anything he/she is excelling in
    • Help manage audience/performers/logistics/reception as needed by director
  3. Participate in regular teacher meetings
    • Stay up to date on Flourish policies, calendar and other logistics
    • Participate in or lead discussions on teacher training topics
    • Participate in faculty brainstorms to help students in danger of falling through the cracks
  4. Potentially teach group lessons, summer camps or other classes
    • Prepare lesson plans and materials for innovative, exciting group classes
    • Manage a group of 3-10 students with positive classroom management
  5. Take initiative to make Flourish the best music school in Northern Colorado 
    • Potentially help recruit students or develop new programs
    • Offer ideas for improved school policies or operations
    • Take initiative to do what needs to be done, rather than wait to be told what to do



The Ideal Faculty member at Flourish has:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in music
  • Music teaching experience, whether private or in classroom. He/she knows how to sequence material and help students achieve their goals
  • Commitment to Flourish’s core values and mission
  • Plans to be in Greeley long term or for at least the next two years.
  • Positive attitude, integrity, and responsibility
  • Genuine care for the people he/she teaches; Goes above and beyond to help each student excel in a personalized lesson
  • Skills to regularly self-evaluates and identify areas in teaching that need improvement
  • Self-motivation with a willingness to be trained and led

Minimum hours required:

2 afternoon/evenings per week (“prime time” shifts, usually 3:45-8:15pm).  You can teach more “prime” shifts as available as well as daytime shifts.

No more than 2 absences per fall/winter semester or 1 per summer on a scheduled teaching day. (total 5 annual absences in 36 week teaching year)

Be present as much as possible at recitals, faculty meetings etc.



To apply, fill out our Application Form


You can also contact owner Nicole Harwell at nicole@flourishmusicacademy.com