Music Lessons for Adults in Greeley, CO



Many adults trying to learn music are stuck frustratingly spinning their wheels because they don’t have the expert guidance they need to move forward. At Flourish we only hire professional teachers who have the credentials and experience necessary to help you achieve your dreams and experience the joy of making music.

We offer lessons for adults at all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced) in:

How do our music lessons work?

  1. First we get to know you and your unique goals for taking music lessons.
  2. We create a customized learning plan to help you reach those goals
  3. You start working the plan, with your instructor by your side every step of the way to give you the expertise and encouragement you need to make it happen.

Here are some reasons students love Flourish’s adult lesson program:

  • Professional instruction to help you reach your musical goals faster. Our teachers are professional musicians (most have graduate degrees in music) who really know their stuff. Teaching music is not a side hustle for us; it is what we do!
  • Real-time feedback that quickly identities where you are struggling and gives you strategies to solve it. If you’ve ever gotten stuck trying to teach yourself on the internet, you know how much you need individualized feedback from a real person!
  • Customized learning plan. Lessons are tailored to YOUR specific goals, not some one-size-fits-all curriculum.
  • Friendly and encouraging atmosphere. We want you to enjoy the music making experience, not be stressed out by it. At Flourish you get to work at your own pace, and set the objectives for your lessons. We are here to help you reach your dreams and be your biggest cheerleader along the way!
  • Distinct Adult Program centered on the needs of adult student learners. You are not lumped in with our K-12 students, or expected to play in kid’s recitals. You are encouraged to participate in our unique events for adult students though!
  • Community and Inspiration! We host several events just for adult students, such as our Performance Soirees and Concert Outings. Students frequently tell us how encouraging and fun these events are for them. At Flourish you belong to a community of music lovers like yourself!
  • Ultimate flexibility. With unlimited makeup credits available, see how easy it is to get all your lessons. 
  • Time slots that work with your schedule. We can accommodate morning, early afternoon or evening lessons based on your availability.

Who is Flourish’s adult lesson program for?

Adults come to us from every stage of life, from recent high school grads to retired grandparents. Some are beginning students fulfilling a life-long dream and others are advanced students ready to take it to the next level.

However they come, ALL our students leave lessons with a smile on their face, having gained the confidence and skills to play the music they love. 

It is never too late to learn music. And you don’t have to feel naturally “talented” at it either. You just have to come ready to learn and grow.

It’s easy to get started.

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