No! You don’t need to know anything about music to get started learning at Flourish Music Academy. Our patient and caring teachers will guide you step by step as you work towards your musical goals!

If you do have prior musical experience, we will evaluate where you are and build from there.

All our lessons are personalized to the individual student so you get exactly what you need!

We are so glad you asked! Check out the page “Why Flourish” to learn how Flourish will help you grow into the musician you want to be!

Check out our resources page and blog for some great links addressing this topic!

Flourish Music Academy is the only school in the Front Range that puts such an emphasis on community.

We believe music is meant to be shared. Cultures where music is a part of everyday life have a tradition of music being played together in groups. Think of traditional Irish music… to this day multiple generations will gather together for hours of communal music making.

Conventional music lessons often make learning an instrument a solitary endeavor. Student has one-on-one lesson with teacher, goes home and practices by himself all week, repeat. Maybe once or twice a year they will see other students at the annual recital. Only students with the highest level of self-motivation last more than a couple years with this kind of instruction.

At Flourish, however, we create a community that makes learning music more fun! Students stay engaged for longer because of the relationships they have formed and the natural support system our community gives them. The social aspect provides a positive peer pressure that enables students to stay motivated and progressing rapidly!

Here are some of the ways we build community at Flourish:

  • Chamber Music Program allows students to learn how to play together! And not just piano duets. Because we are a multi-instrument school, we can create unique combinations that give students a wide variety of experiences.
  • Frequent, fun performance events throughout the year. Instead of one or two recitals a year, we hold at least six!
  • Dress Rehearsals along with each recital. Students build relationships with their team and get to practice performing in a supportive environment.
  • Team Atmosphere: we intentionally build a team spirit among students. Like a sports team, each Flourish team works together to earn points for the Practice Challenge, cheer each other on at recitals and keep each other motivated!
  • Summer Camps: have fun with music and friends! A great time for students to explore their creativity with group music activities and games that aren’t offered in lessons.
  • Group Lessons: we offer group lessons in several instruments. Students in group lessons have built in community every week! They enjoy learning to play together, using games to reinforce concepts and overall having fun!

Tuition does not just pay for your weekly lessons. It includes everything in our entire package! (See Why Flourish for more details on our lesson package)

To make life easier for you, instead of calculating tuition based on the number of lessons that month, we split our entire package into equal monthly payments.  You may have more or less than four lessons per calendar month, but by the end of the year, you will have had the total number of lessons in the package. 

This way you know exactly how much you are spending each month and don’t have any unexpected surprises!

Our tuition package gives you access to our great teachers and resources through private lessons, group lessons, events, and more. Your tuition covers much more than just the contact hours you spend with your teacher. We work hard behind the scenes to make your time with your teacher the most valuable to you.

We calculate the price of tuition based upon what we need to pay our teachers a living wage, pay expenses and taxes, and end up with enough profit for the business to continue to exist and provide services. We do not inflate our prices so that we can make you feel like you are getting a “deal” with a discount. We just don’t overcharge you in the first place. We try to keep our expenses (and thus your tuition) as low as possible while still providing the best possible service to you.

So that you understand where your tuition goes, below is a non-exhaustive list of how the many hours are spent by our teachers and administrators who work hard to make your experience at Flourish possible:

  • Contact hours with students at private and group lessons
  • Lesson and curriculum planning
  • Organizing and running events
  • Researching and ordering materials
  • Studying student repertoire
  • Scheduling
  • Customer service and other communication
  • Record keeping
  • Invoicing/bookkeeping
  • Professional development, including pedagogical and performance training
  • Time invested in professional Music Teachers Associations

In addition to paying our hard-working teachers and administrators, your tuition also goes toward the expenses that we incur in order to provide you with the best musical experiences possible. Our expenses include:

  • Instruments, tuning, and maintenance
  • Facility and utilities
  • Insurance
  • Office supplies and printing
  • Computers, iPads, recording devices, and other technology
  • Music stands and other equipment
  • Sheet music library, sight-reading library
  • Materials for students
  • Facility rental for events, food, and other event expenses
  • MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) memberships for our teachers
  • Fees for MTNA events

Please keep in mind that music lessons are an investment in a lifetime of enrichment!

Talk with your teacher about A-la-Carte lessons!

All of your materials, including music books, are included in your enrollment fee so that you will never have to worry about ordering and picking up books! Flourish Music Academy takes care of all of it – you just show up to lessons!

We know that families are busy and we try to be as flexible as we can!

While we don’t guarantee any makeup lessons and we don’t give refunds, we do offer unlimited makeup credits if you cancel at least 72 hrs in advance (see Policies for details). We also have options for online lessons when needed or you can give your lesson time to a friend!

Contact us for the full policy details.

We want music to be fun for your child too! We strive to make music lessons as engaging as possible. Your child will maximize his enjoyment of music by making significant progress and being able to play exciting, beautiful music. However, without consistent practice at home between lessons, progress will be stunted and your child will stop enjoying lessons. Also, remember that while lessons are fun, they are also incredibly beneficial in all areas of life. Studying music has been shown in numerous studies to have a higher impact on brain growth and development than even studying math! At Flourish, we personalize our lessons with engaging teachers, diverse musical experiences, exciting group lessons, and events so that we can help our students to become lifelong music lovers!

Don’t get discouraged – this will happen from time to time. Learning any new skill requires hard work, discipline, and focus. Studying music especially requires discipline and focus because students are learning new information and a new motor skill simultaneously. This is why music is so good for them! The act of learning to practice and persevere will serve your child well not just in music study, but in all of life! Be patient and encourage your child as he develops the discipline to practice. Use the tips in the parent handbook to make it as convenient and fun as possible. Talk with your child’s teacher about what else can be done to help motivate him.

It’s easy to get started.

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