Do you give any discounts other than the daytime discount?

Our tuition package gives you access to our great teachers and resources through private lessons, group lessons, events, and more. Your tuition covers much more than just the contact hours you spend with your teacher. We work hard behind the scenes to make your time with your teacher the most valuable to you.

We calculate the price of tuition based upon what we need to pay our teachers a living wage, pay expenses and taxes, and end up with enough profit for the business to continue to exist and provide services. We do not inflate our prices so that we can make you feel like you are getting a “deal” with a discount. We just don’t overcharge you in the first place. We try to keep our expenses (and thus your tuition) as low as possible while still providing the best possible service to you.

So that you understand where your tuition goes, below is a non-exhaustive list of how the many hours are spent by our teachers and administrators who work hard to make your experience at Flourish possible:

In addition to paying our hard-working teachers and administrators, your tuition also goes toward the expenses that we incur in order to provide you with the best musical experiences possible. Our expenses include:

Please keep in mind that music lessons are an investment in a lifetime of enrichment!

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