What is the value of the community at Flourish?

Flourish Music Academy is the only school in the Front Range that puts such an emphasis on community.

We believe music is meant to be shared. Cultures where music is a part of everyday life have a tradition of music being played together in groups. Think of traditional Irish music… to this day multiple generations will gather together for hours of communal music making.

Conventional music lessons often make learning an instrument a solitary endeavor. Student has one-on-one lesson with teacher, goes home and practices by himself all week, repeat. Maybe once or twice a year they will see other students at the annual recital. Only students with the highest level of self-motivation last more than a couple years with this kind of instruction.

At Flourish, however, we create a community that makes learning music more fun! Students stay engaged for longer because of the relationships they have formed and the natural support system our community gives them. The social aspect provides a positive peer pressure that enables students to stay motivated and progressing rapidly!

Here are some of the ways we build community at Flourish:

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