Sunday May 7, 2023

This month, we’re excited to feature Voice student Ainsley Haggin!

Ainsley is a student at Greeley Central High School and is currently in the 10th grade. She is a student of Ms. Julie and here is what she had to say about Ainsley:

“Ainsley is deeply committed to her growth as a singer. She is able to identify her weaknesses, and is always receptive to my suggestions. Ainsley has shown consistent improvement this year, and I’m amazed by her work ethic! On top of all that, she is a kind, thoughtful person, and wise beyond her years. I love working with her!”

Read our interview with Ainsley below!

How long have you taken voice lessons?

I’ve been with flourish for 3 years!

What do you love about singing?

Being able to hear yourself and get into the song/music. I also focus on a lot of expressive music so getting into a character or finding certain emotion is important.

What is your favorite music to sing or listen to? Favorite composer?

A lot of the music I focus on with my teacher is musical theater. I also like to branch out with classical and or songs that I really like (as far as music taste). It’s always fun to try different styles once in a while.

What do you like about Flourish?

Flourish has so many great opportunities, it’s truly a place where I can grow as a singer/performer. My vocal ability has been taken to another level thanks to my amazing teacher (Mrs. Julie)!

What else do you like to do?

Something I like to do otherwise is theater. I have been in/and avidly doing theater for around 10 years now. It is truly one of my biggest passions and I hope to peruse it professionally.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I am so happy that I have to the opportunity to work within flourish, and strengthen my skills for the future!