Student Spotlight – Blythe Schaller

Friday October 20, 2017


Blythe Schaller has studied piano for 4 years and voice for 3.5 years. Blythe has performed in several competitions, masterclasses and most recently performed both piano and voice before the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra concert on September 22 with several other Flourish student.

Blythe is in 7th grade at Frontier Academy, where she is involved in choir and musical theater.



Here are some questions we asked so you can get to know her better:


What do you love about playing your instrument?

I just get to be myself and make music. I like performing piano more because I don’t have to look at the audience. But singing is something I can do without carrying a piano around.


What is an obstacle you had to overcome to reach your level?

Practicing was an issue for a little bit because I didn’t have the time to practice and then when I did have the time I didn’t want to practice. Then I started to enjoy the instruments and practicing.


What do you like about Flourish?

I love the tree rooms, I think that is really creative, it seems really homey. There’s lots of teachers; I like the idea of coming together with students playing different instruments.


What else do you like to do?

I like to bake and read; I also love theatre and running. I was most lately in the Little Mermaid as a crab, but my favorite play was Aladdin and I played Jasmine.


Congratulations, Blythe, and keep up the good work!