Sunday April 4, 2021


This month, we’re excited to feature one of our adult students: Bruce Gouker!

Bruce studies guitar with Mr. Thomas at Flourish. Thomas nominated him because he is doing a fantastic job in lessons, AND is currently building his own acoustic guitar. This is an extremely challenging task! Bruce shared some photos of the process, pictured below.

Read more about Bruce in the interview below!

How long have you taken guitar lessons?

I started lessons in January of 2020.

What do you love about playing guitar?

I like the guitar because I had played a little in high school and after talking to my neighbor who plays the guitar, I started looking at getting back into playing. Forty five years later, it was something new and an uncrossed item on my bucket list. I also like it because as I get older it helps my memory and recall. I enjoy the acoustic more than the electric, but they all have their endearing qualities. I also enjoy the challenge of the various aspects of the guitar and music itself.

Thomas tells us that you’re building an acoustic guitar! Can you tell us a little about that process? How did you learn to do this?

I like to learn new things so what better than building an acoustic guitar. I ordered a kit from Martin Guitars and have found out that I have taken on a lot more than anticipated. I was a contractor for quite a while and did some trim work, but this is a whole new level of woodworking. Every step of the way, I have to watch YouTube to get some education before the next step. The one thing I was not aware of was how many tools I needed. Just in clamps I have about 75 just for the guitar. It definitely is a fun but long process.

What do you like about Flourish?

I like Flourish for a couple reasons. Thomas is a great teacher and understands where I am coming from on my personal learning curve. I have gone about learning a little differently. I had to understand why we played music as we do and how it was constructed. Thomas has encouraged my ventures in music theory and composition. I went somewhere else for a few lessons, but they were not knowledgeable in the why, just the how.

What else do you like to do?

Aside from music I enjoy the outdoors, shoot competitively and like to travel, oh and also buy guitars.