Friday October 26, 2018



Eli is currently studying guitar under the guidance of Mr. Teague Bechtel. Every week Eli works hard practicing, attending lessons, and preparing for recitals. He has made tremendous improvement. Eli recently discovered how much he likes sharing with his friends what he learns at Flourish. Thank you, Eli, for reminding us that music is all about sharing and community!


Here is a little more about Eli:

Guitar, 5th grade, Highland Elementary School.


How long have you taken guitar lessons?

5 years.


What do you love about playing the guitar?

Playing with Teague, my teacher!


You regularly play at Flourish recitals. How do you prepare for this?

Practicing and playing for friends and family.


Sometimes you teach guitar to your friends. What is special about this?

They look up to me and I enjoy spending that quality time with friends!


What led you to do it?

Tried it and liked it!


What do you like about Flourish?

It’s small so the recitals are not huge, and you get to know other musicians.


What else do you like to do?

Drive tractor and work on our farm!