STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – Letissia, Isabella and Fernanda Loma-Benavente

Wednesday July 8, 2020

This month, we’re excited to feature not one, but three students – and they’re sisters!

Letissia (piano), Isabella (violin) and Fernanda (piano) were recommended by their teachers, Ms. Grace Ann and Ms. Romina.

All of the Flourish teachers agree that the Loma-Benaventes are a joy to be around! They each exhibit a true love of music, and they’re eager to learn.

Read more about Letissia, Isabella and Fernanda in the interview below:


What school do you go to?

Letissia: I go to Highland Middle School.

Isabella: Highland Elementary School.

Fernanda: Highland Elementary.

What grade will you be in this fall?

L: I will be in 8th grade this fall.

I: Fourth grade.

F: I will be in second grade.

How long have you been taking lessons?

All: Almost one year.

What do you love about playing your instrument?

L: I can play a variety of music on it.

I: I love it because it is fun I learn new songs and I like to play for my family.

F: That it is really fun to play.

What’s it like going to lessons with your sisters?

L: It’s a fun activity because we share the ability to understand music.

I: I like it because we get to play together.

F: It is fun I like play music together with my sisters.

What do like about Flourish?

L: What I like about Flourish is that we can take it at our own pace.

I: I like it because it is fun to play the violin and my teacher is amazing.

F: I like my teacher she is very nice and I really like to play the piano.

What else do you like to do?

L: I like to read books.

I: I like to play outside, skate and ride my bike.

F: I like skating with my roller skates.

Trying out guitar at the Flourish Open House in February 2020