Sunday January 1, 2023

This month, we’re excited to feature Cello student Linda Shockley!

Linda is one of our adult students and she studies cello with Ms. Athita Kuankacorn. Here is what Ms. Athita had to say about Linda:

“Linda is an enthusiastic and dedicated cellist! This year, she has learned more advanced cello techniques and repertoires, making significant progress. And she just gave a lovely performance of Christmas music at the Soirée.”

Read our interview with Linda below!

How long have you taken cello lessons?

I have taken cello lessons for about 15 or 16 months.

What do you love about playing cello?

I love the sound of the cello with its deep melodic sounds. I also love that it is a challenge and makes me really think about the music when I’m practicing.

What do you like about Flourish?

Flourish has been great and it’s so nice to have a place where adults can go to take lessons. Not many places offer that. It’s also fun when we have adult soirées so people can play or sing songs without having a lot of pressure put on them to be perfect!

What is your favorite music to play or listen to? Favorite artist?

My favorite music is rock-n-roll but I like all kinds of music. I love The Eagles, Journey, and 2 Cellos, among many other artists!

What else do you like to do?

Some of the other things I love are gardening, working in my yard, and fishing!

Anything else you would like to add?

Playing the cello as an adult has been super rewarding and I appreciate so much all the help and support of the teachers and staff at Flourish!