Saturday February 1, 2020

This month, we’re excited to feature voice student Nathan Orwick!

Nathan is a senior at Windsor Charter Academy, where he was recently cast as Adam Pontipee in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. He currently studies with Ms. Megan at Flourish.

Read more about Nathan in the interview below.


How long have you taken voice lessons?

I have only been taking lessons at Flourish since June of 2019, and the most of any other tutelage I’ve received has been through participation in the High School choir.

What do you love about singing?

I love singing because of the expression anyone can put into music, and how so many different messages can be packed into a single piece. Music is most definitely an art form, and I deeply appreciate how learn the nuances of that has helped me to express myself in ways I never thought I could when I was younger.

You were recently cast as the lead role in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! How did you prepare for your audition?

To prepare for my audition, I mainly focused on making sure that I was prepared for any hurdles I could encounter during┬ámy audition. I worked with my vocal coach, Megan, who was and continues to be fantastic at helping me learn new tricks to bolster my tone quality and stamina. I approached her the week after the October recital and asked if she could help me learn the song I’d eventually use for my audition, and I gained a much greater understanding and level of skill with the song thanks to her help. Additionally, she also gave me advice on different ways to practice the song for the audition, such as singing it after running out of breath in the case of having just finished a dance, which did eventually happen in that audition.

What do you like about Flourish?

Flourish has a great program, with very approachable coaches who are always more than happy to help their students whenever they have questions or concerns. Additionally the coaches have a very deep understanding of how to help, with a variety of exercises and activities that are almost hand-picked for each individual student.

What else do you like to do?

Whenever my life isn’t being consumed by the theater, improv troupe, graduating high school with an associate’s degree, or figuring out how to be an adult, I like to spend time with my friends playing video games like Minecraft or Super Smash Brothers.