Thursday May 2, 2024

This month, we’re excited to feature Piano student, Sarah R., the winner of the GPO Magic Baton Competition!

Sarah is a student of Ms. Grace Ann and here is what she had to say about Sarah:

“She’s a junior at Greeley Central High School, and has been my piano student for the past 6 years.  Each year she has written a composition in what she has named “The Winding River” series.  This year’s composition, entitled “Winding River 5 – Reeds in the River,” won the GPO Magic Baton Competition.  So her composition will be orchestrated and played by the GPO at their May 18 concert!  Sarah is a very creative and innovative student, and I might add that she is a music theory whiz!”

Read our interview with Sarah below!

How long have you been composing?

5 years

What do you love about composing?

I love being able to create my own music that is unique and mine, something no one else has ever heard before

What excites you most about winning the Magic Baton Melody Contest?I am most excited to hear how the composer will expand my music to fill a whole orchestra instead of a piano

What do you love about playing the piano?

The process of learning a new piece of music and seeing the progress

What is your favorite music to play or listen to?

Playing jazz and listening to baroque music

Who is your favorite composer?


What do you like about Flourish?

The Achievement Program, and always having a performance event to work towards

What else do you like to do?

Dance, sing in choir, theater, tennis, and ride my bike