STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – Sophie Anne Johnson

Monday May 10, 2021

This month, we’re excited to feature voice student Sophie Anne Johnson!

Sophie, a 5th grader in homeschool, is a student of Ms. Megan Mellenthien.

She recently recorded a cover of “Naughty” from Matilda the Musical for our YouTube channel! Check out the video below, then keep reading for our interview with Sophie.

Interview with Sophie Anne:

How long have you taken voice lessons?

8 months.

What do you love about singing?

I really love how you can express yourself.

Ms. Megan says that you’ve been working extremely hard on vocal technique. What are some things you’ve learned about singing?

You have to pay attention. You can’t always wing it. 🙂

What do you like about Flourish?

I like that they don’t rush you through things, but allow you time to work on it.

What else do you like to do?

I like writing stories, video games, and engineering.