Student Success Manager Job Description

Hiring now. All applications will be reviewed on November 1, 2022


If you are also a music teacher, this job has the potential to be a full-time job if combined with a part-time Faculty position, and/or if you help start and run our Conservatory or MusicTogether programs.


Job Description

Flourish Mission and Core Values

Team members are Flourish’s greatest assets; without a great team, we cannot accomplish Flourish’s mission. Support staff are an active part of the team, always striving to grow and learn as a person. Our support staff take ownership of the success of individual students and the school in general.

The part-time Student Success Manager is a 20 hour per week position, combining operations manager and sales roles. Approximately half of the hours will be phone calls with potential new students who have contacted us, and the other half is helping run the day-to-day operations of the school (event planning, customer service, team management etc)


In this job you will be:



  1. Make a Difference in the Lives of Students
    • Growth-minded working environment, nurturing the love of music in students, while also holding high standards
    • High quality of students to work with
    • Student-centered educational environment, top notch facility and instruments to work with

From our team members: “Environment very much striving towards excellence. Professional but still fun.”

“I love that the owner is a musician and music teacher. I think it is important for the person running the school to understand the teacher’s perspective, to have the best interest of the student in mind. Environment feels more educational.”

“It doesn’t feel like a puppy mill, churn and burn, trying ot get students in and out”


  1. Work with a Great Team of Colleagues
    • Mission-driven focus attracts staff and faculty who also want to make a difference in the lives of students
    • Team is professional, highly trained and skilled as teachers and support staff
    • Team is also supportive, friendly, non-pretentious
    • We all work together and learn from each other

From our team members: “ Everyone is very friendly, open. One of the biggest worries I have seen in higher education in music – people can get pretentious. It’s not like that here.”

“I love the camaraderie with other [team members].”



  1. Supportive Structure but also Autonomy, and Room to Grow
    • Direct one-on-one training with owner and consistent support
    • Regular reviews with the owner to go over metrics and how things are going
    • Established structure of “how we do things” at Flourish that drive the mission
    • Autonomy to work and make decisions that fit the company mission without being micromanaged
    • Potential to increase to full time job if add on teaching music classes
    • Potential to grow Manager position to full-time job as school grows

From our team members: “Flourish is structured in a way that makes the job easier.”

“Very supportive and responsive team.”


  1. Competitive Pay-Rates and Benefits
    • Competitive pay-rates. Starting pay-scale is $20,000-$35,000 per year depending on experience and performance (includes commission)
    • Raises on a regular schedule
    • Bonuses and commission, based on performance of school and individual performance
    • 4 weeks PTO plus 5 holidays of your choice
    • Flexible hours to work with your schedule
    • Your time is valued, work only during your work hours, not during your personal time

From our team members: “Great pay-rate and after hours benefits.”

“My time is really valued.”

“Flexibility to work with the schedule I have.”


Duties and Responsibilities:

We do not expect you to be able to do all of this immediately. We do expect you to be willing to learn and grow into the role if something is new to you.

  1. Help build out operations manual
    • Assist owner in building operations manual (This will be bulk of job in the first few months. Once completed, Student Success Manager will be completing or overseeing most of the tasks in the operations manual.)
    • Keep things organized and easy for everyone to access who needs it
    • Update as needed to keep everything relevant
  2. Marketing and Sales
    • Phone consultations with leads who contact us
    • Set up intro lesson students for new students
    • Follow up Calls with new students/parent education
    • Plan and execute Marketing campaigns
    • Audit online ad campaigns quarterly
    • Plan community PR events and organize execution with staff
    • Oversee social media
    • Update website as needed
    • Record monthly metrics and review with owner
  3. Customer Service (In conjunction with office staff)
    • Respond to customer complaints or concerns
    • Final person before owner for any issue that needs resolving
    • Ensure communications go out to all students at proper time
    • Record monthly metrics and review with owner
  4. Event Planning
    • Plan and execute all K-12 events, including recitals and challenges (with team)
    • Plan execute all adult events (with team)
    • Record monthly metrics and go over with owner
  5. Team management/HR (eventually added on later)
    • Lead staff meetings on logistics
    • Liaise with staff on time off, scheduling etc
    • Advertise for new staff
    • Review applications, attend interviews and serve on team with owner for new hires
    • Complete new hire onboarding
    • Record monthly metrics and review with owner



The ideal applicant needs to have:



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