This month, we’re excited to feature Piano student, Jayden Zhang! Jayden is a student of Ms. Yuan and here is what she had to say about Jayden:      “Jayden has become a very independent learner. He designed a practice strategy (a numbering system) that highlights the lines/passagework that need more practice. He challenged himself … Continue reading “STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – JAYDEN Z.”


This month, we’re excited to feature Violin student, Angelina De La Cruz! Angie is a student of Ms. Kayla and here is what she had to say about Angie:      “Angie is such a joy to teach every week! She is so diligent with her at home practice, works hard in her lessons, and … Continue reading “STUDENT STOPLIGHT – ANGIE C.”


This month, we’re excited to feature Piano student Connor Butler! Connor is a student of Ms. Jiwon and here is what she had to say about Connor: “Connor is a diligent, hard working student. He has been making awesome progress by practicing consistently and trying his best in our lessons. Every lesson Connor shows up eager to … Continue reading “STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – CONNOR B.”


Saryn begun playing the violin in January. She is currently studying violin under the guidance of Ms. Belén Hernández. Saryn played her first recital only after a few months of playing the instrument. She shared with us her experience of overcoming fear and performing at the Red Carpert Showcase in May. Her strong love for … Continue reading “STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – SARYN WOLFE”

Student Spotlight – Cassie Davis

Cassie is studying piano at Flourish Music Academy under the guidance of Ms. Grace Ann McCaulie. She won the Most Improved Award during our Spring Practice Challenge. Cassie played Beethoven’s “Für Elise” at the Red Carpet Showcase with less than one year of lessons. Congratulations!   Here is a little more about Cassie: Piano, 8th grade, … Continue reading “Student Spotlight – Cassie Davis”

Composition Festival 2018 – Flourish students write original songs!

  15 Flourish Music Academy students wrote original songs that were showcased at our annual Composition Festival on February 11, 2018! Students wrote songs for piano, voice, guitar and cello.   The festival consisted of a recital showcase of the compositions and a reception where the written compositions were displayed.   Guest Composer Peter Romero … Continue reading “Composition Festival 2018 – Flourish students write original songs!”

Student Spotlight – Kory Minkel and Jadyn Miller-Klein

Kory and Jadyn are both voice students of Ms. Nicole Harwell at Flourish Music Academy. They are the very first students to advance a level in the Achievement Program since the its launch in September 2017. They completed their first level in less than 3 months and received recognition at the Holiday Recital on December 14, … Continue reading “Student Spotlight – Kory Minkel and Jadyn Miller-Klein”

Flourish student voted “Best Musician” at school

 Congratulations to Remington Gamblin, who has been voted Best Musician by his 6th grade classmates at Frontier Academy!   Remington takes piano lessons with Kerri Ruschival and trombone lessons with Frank Cook at Flourish Music Academy. He has participated in multiple performance events at Flourish and also plays in the Frontier Academy band.   We are so … Continue reading “Flourish student voted “Best Musician” at school”