The Benefits of Online Lessons

Monday April 13, 2020

Hello, Flourish community!

We are several weeks into our “new normal” of online lessons. While this new format has presented its own challenges, we are so thankful for the technology that allows us to continue lessons. We’re also thankful for YOU, students and parents, for your flexibility and continued support. Flourish Music Academy could not exist without you!

Here’s why we believe it’s so important to continue music education during this time:

  • Music is known to be therapeutic, stress-relieving and calming. (All things we could use an extra dose of right now!)
  • Keeping the routine of music lessons can help children maintain a sense of normalcy
  • Lessons (and practicing) can be a good way to keep busy when so many other activities are now off-limits. In fact, who knows what you or your child could accomplish with the extra practice hours!

We miss our studio, but it’s been fun to set up our own workspaces at home.

Check out Ms. Joy’s and Ms. Grace Ann’s below:






Mr. Thomas is using this time to focus on writing skills with his adult students. For example, Kathleen is working on an original piece, and Casey is working on a bass line transcription (pictured below):

Finally, here are a few more screenshots of recent Zoom lessons. We love seeing our students smile!